Promise me

Just promise me that it’s me and only me. Promise me that you don’t want anyone but me. That you see no other. Promise me that I have no competition. Promise me you love me. Because of you love me you’ll never hurt me. Of you love me you wouldn’t lie to me. Of you love me then you truly only want me. So promise me that it’s me and only me… But only if you’re being honest… 💔

Just a little about myself

I probably should have started with this as my first passage however, I did not think of it.

I started writing poetry11 years ago when I was 8 years old. When I turned 10 I started writing songs. This only lasted for 3 years, but I have always written poetry.

If you have Instagram you can go visit my old work from a couple years ago. It’s under the username apoeticlovestory

I once thought I was in love but God showed me that there was someone much better around the corner that I would actually fall in love with and I could never be more great full.

I am a Christian I have strong faith in my Heavenly Father.

I was adopted into a Christian family by the time I was 16 months old, however this family has taken me into their home when I was only 2 months old.

My sister is my whole world and she also was adopted.

We could not be more great full for the life God has given us.

I hope you enjoy reading my work. Lots of love ❤️

I love him.

I love him. I love him like he thought nobody would ever love him. Let me explain. When I wake up in the morning, next to him.. I feel as if I could just fall right back asleep in his arms. To feel his body warmth at night, is to know that he is beside me, that I am home. The way he touches me, the way his hands fit into the curves in my body, the way he grips onto my side, and even the way he has squeezed onto my shoulders leading to scratches down my back, his touch alone is intimacy. We were laying in bed the other night, and my back was towards him, he was cuddling me from behind and he says… “Nope I can’t sleep like this.” He flipped me over and pulled me into him, his head on my chest. I swear my heart melted. Sometimes when it’s dark outside, and we lay in bed, my head on his chest, I cannot control myself from kissing him. Every inch from the corner of his lips, to his jaw line, to his neck, down to his shoulders, this man is built heavenly and I touch his body gracefully. I love him. It’s the way my lips fit perfectly into his that draws me into him so deeply. It’s the way he looks at me and smiles as he tells me he is blessed to have me that makes my heart beat a little faster. When I say I love him I mean that I find intimacy with him. Something I have never felt before. I find a home in him. And I wish to stay forever.